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Bruce Hensal

     The Grammy Award Winning engineer started his career right out of college working for Bill Graham at The Filmore West in the early 70s. After gaining experience mixing live sound for some of the greatest bands of the time, he worked freelance and eventually left the touring life and  became  a recording  engineer in Los Angeles. 


     By the mid 70s, he had established himself as an engineer at the Record Plant and assisted on such albums as Hotel California, Songs in the Key of Life and Boston.   After a fire at the Record Plant, Bruce had a chance encounter with Ron and Howard Albert, and moved to Miami in 1978 and where he found a home at Criteria Studios until the mid-80s. There he engineered records by Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Julio Iglesias , Mutiny  and  many  more.


     When his father’s health became an issue, he returned to his home town in Ohio and became an engineer at Kopperhead Studios, where he worked with The Michael Stanley Band , The Numbers Band, First Light  among other artists.


     Eventually, Bruce and Carol were married and moved to Florida.  After several years in Tallahassee working at Pegasus Studios and then Interlight International, they moved to Orlando in 1994. Bruce spent the next several years with Soundelux working on major films, TV and websites. When Soundelux moved back to California, he spent the next two decades working on the Jesus Film for Campus Crusade for Christ. 

     Today he is still working on various music projects and is also taking the time to share his knowledge with the new generation through guest speaking engagements and podcasts.   In 2019, Bruce gave a presentation at the Orlando Public Library, Melrose Center on his career entitled "Confessions of a Professional Fly on the Wall". See Below.

     For more information on his history, please visit Allmusic or Discogs

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